Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On letters and letter-writing

I was digging through notebooks in the storage room today and came across an old letter from my father, tucked away in one of my childhood diaries. Blue ink on one of those yellow envelope-cum-letters, quaint woodland creatures painted against a background of flowering trees on varying topography.

Before we got accustomed to digital means of communication we used to write each other letters. In fact, during the early phase of our emailing, father used to print out the emails we'd send. There's a couple of stacks of printed emails in my mother's letter-trunk; that trunk contains my parents' handwritten correspondence in its entirety and my mother says that I am to inherit it soon.

One of the issues I have with modern communication is that no one has the time to write letters for leisure anymore. To me that's a problem, as I can self-express best through the handwritten word. Maybe I've been born fifty years too late. Or maybe, if the dystopian tales are to be believed, fifty years too early.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What's in my college bag

(L-R, top to bottom)

My cellphone, a two-year-old Samsung Ace Duos + purple cellphone case (gifted by an aunt on my last birthday.)

Classmate notebook, for class notes.

Metro card.




Lip balm.

Roll-on perfume.

Basic writing stationery (pens, pencils, lead refills, whiteout, eraser.)

A diagonal scale.

A writing notebook.

Scientific calculator.

A non-academic book.

Prescription glasses.

A geology textbook. I carry one to all of my geology classes, as it helps to reference diagrams and charts when the professors explain something in class.

 A pair of earrings.


Daily tasklist notebook.

Monthly planner.


Pencil case.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Promises + notes + reminders to myself for the new year

written on a winter dawn

Speak less.

Read as much as possible. Actually, read more than you think is possible. Maintain a reading log.

Get some fresh air every day.

Not sass the maternal figure.

Post letters on time.

Improve penmanship; write with deliberation and grace.

Wear less of black.

Potato wafers are not a complete meal.

Eat more leafy greens; drink more water.

Dust room once a week at least.

Why are there so many new clothes in the wardrobe? Wear them.

A regular blogging schedule is always preferable to an abandoned blog.

Stop buying earrings.

To learn properly: folding full-sleeved shirts, cooking vegan quiche, differential equations, equations and parameters of transistors, rock identification.

Eat dark chocolate.

Red ballet flats are quirky, black ballet flats are elegant. Possess both.

Nails: short, trimmed, neat cuticles.

Life is too short to watch bad movies.

Buy books first, items of vanity later.

Save money.

To buy: a tablet/reading device/laptop

Make learning an enjoyable process. Same goes for teaching.

No earphones while walking.

Appreciate the good moments when they happen.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Love notes on my skin: a collage of love and despair


She is erotic poetry
In a canvas of white sheets
Ink drying in the morning sun


Rain on arid land
Run your hand over my scars
Fill the cracks with gold


They were parallel lines
Never intersecting
Only helping pick up the other's shattered remains


The breeze brings with it
The sound of my lover's flute
From the riverbank

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The rose

The rose bloomed in the light of the waxing moon

Petals the colour of babies' lips

In the morning, she gazed at it with delight

Snipped it off at the stem

Stripped off leaves and thorns

Put it in a delicate glass vase, hand-blown in Venice

And let it wilt in a corner of the bedroom

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A haiku composed while sick, about being sick

Wan face, bloodshot eyes

Words do not come to the lips

Just feverish sighs

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Self-improvement (yeah, right...)

Internet detoxing working relatively-smoothly.

Have increased percentage of fruits+vegetables consumed on a daily basis.

Internal alarm clock has been set to 5:15 in the mornings. Still needs some fine-tuning, nothing a few more nights of disciplined sleep can't correct.

Three litres of water a day.

Do not dress like a hobo anymore (in public.)

Do not feel the urge to consume television shows after coming home from college.

Exercise levels still not satisfactory; more than thirty-five side-situps still make knees feel a bit wobbly afterwards.