Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eye-nspiration: GOT7's "Hard Carry" Music Video


South Korean kpop band GOT7 released their music album  Flight Log: Turbulence last night along with the music video from their single "Hard Carry", which was a feast for my eyes, what with all the colours and the attractive men. Below are some stills from the music video, not in any chronological order:


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Decluttering : Desk Edition

Till about a year ago, I used one of those student desks which came attached with bookshelves and were designed to hold computers too. It was organized in a way and I religiously dusted it twice a day, but was chock-full of stuff. Among other things, I had a calendar, an alarm clock, a poster of the periodic table, a daily "good thoughts" calendar, my glasses, two bottles of water, two pen holders full of pens (with the remaining taking up space in one of the drawers), a basket of miscellaneous stationery items, two scientific calculators, my laptop with its two hard drives and adapter and an accompanying pair of headphones RIGHT THERE on the desk. And let's not forget the notebooks and notepads and reference books and library books and dictionaries and files and folders and this one big, fat encyclopedia that my dad found at a terrific discount.  The shelves had begun to bend under the weight of all this stuff; I'm not kidding, go take a look at the "before" image at the beginning of this paragraph.

Back? Good.

It's not like I didn't have bookshelves for my books. My parents have bought me books from a very young age and there's more than enough storage space for my tomes. But for reasons unknown I had this notion that everything I could possibly ever need for that academic year needed to be within reach. Literally.

It was childish and irrational and I soon realized that I needed to change things before this obsession drove me crazy. In a lucky coincidence, a few months later one of the bottom drawers got damaged in an accident of sorts, so my parents offered to replace the desk, an offer I willingly accepted.

And now it looks like the picture on the right. It's a simple office desk made of metal. There's three shallow drawers which I use to store miscellaneous stationery objects and the like. On the desk itself is the table lamp, a bottle of water, my laptop, a wifi router, a pen-holder containing my fountain pens, another pen holder for my pencils, my a couple of paper notepads, a paperweight (it's a South-facing room, paperweights are a necessity) and my glasses. My books are all in their appropriate places in the nearby bookshelves and are put back as soon as I'm done with them. Cleaning my table's not a cumbersome task anymore and there's no accidents involving sneaky spiders hiding in corners. Even my cats can now host napping parties here without having to worry about knocking fragile things over.

Everyone wins.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Haircut(e): 2016 monsoon edition

This happens every single time: I want to grow out my hair a little because I want to twirl it and swish it around like a Bollywood movie actress, so I vow to never touch my scissors again. The hair grows, gives me grief during damp and/or hot weather, I tie it up and sigh continuously for a few weeks, then pick up my biggest pair of scissors and go all choppity-chop on my locks. My mother looks at me with disapproval and suggests an outing to a hairdresser, then shrugs and gets back to her cooking.

The weather here's been muggy for the past couple of months and my shoulder-length damp hair that kept developing tangles was making me passive-aggressive...so here's the results of today's monkeying around. I wanted to get bangs, but then my hand slipped and I ended up with a weird tuft of hair that I'm going to refer to a fringe from now on. Gotta have professional terms, ya'll. 


I don't need to bother carrying a comb around in my purse anymore, hairtie-related worries are a thing of the past and best of all, I can take a nice shower at night without having to  worry about my hair properly drying overnight. The only problem is that this makes me look a little...baby-ish.

Hah, I'll learn to live with it.